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CIOs are faced with the complex task of strategically aligning and shaping IT organizations holistically. Many organizations still perceive ITSM as a purely operational function, which leads to inefficient processes, a lack of alignment between IT and business objectives and insufficient utilization of IT's full potential. 

By designing your IT organizational structure, we encourage closer alignment between IT and your business units. This creates a flexible and responsive IT organization that is ready to meet the challenges of the digital transformation.

We optimize your IT processes to increase efficiency and agility. This enables you to respond quickly to changing business requirements while ensuring high quality and performance of your IT services.

Our approach strengthens governance structures within your IT to ensure clear accountability and decision-making. This helps to meet compliance requirements and minimize risks while also supporting strategic objectives. 

We support you in designing and implementing an effective IT sourcing strategy that not only optimizes costs, but also maximizes the quality and availability of IT services. This includes evaluating outsourcing options and choosing partners to support your IT projects.

By implementing effective assessment and measurement processes, we enable you to continuously monitor and improve the performance of your IT. This fosters a culture of excellence and continuous improvement within your IT departments.

We help you to develop a strategic IT service portfolio that ensures all IT services make a direct contribution to the requirements along the capabilities (Value Driven Service Management). This not only improves the profitability of your IT investments, but also increases their value for the company.

Our company found itself in the situation of having to expand its existing IT management and software development processes to accommodate the rapidly growing number of users and customers in a complex, international environment. DARCBLUE was very good at integrating the various national and international partners - i.e. clients, customers, developers and suppliers -, communicating clearly and planning transparently in order to drive our projects forward. DARCBLUE was a great support for us [...].

— Chief Operating Officer

Our consulting services offer a holistic solution that not only address current challenges, but also lay a solid foundation for future growth and innovation. Together, we design your IT landscape holistically and at all levels. Because for us, Value Driven Service Management means delivering real value.

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