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Let's be honest: how well did your last transformation or migration project really run?

In many companies, the IT landscape has grown historically, usually without the necessary documentation of the enterprise architecture (EA). Essential knowledge about systems and their dependencies is often only in the heads of your employees. Only an incomplete picture is documented, which is usually questionably up to date.

This makes transformation projects difficult to plan and any new project, such as replacing legacy systems, could become an incalculable risk.

Regardless of the situation your company finds itself in or what type of EA documentation is already available:

We pick you up exactly where you currently stand. We support you in the individual selection of an EA tool for documenting or improving the data quality in the system you are already using.

By integrating various data sources into an EA tool that is suitable for your company, we ensure that relevant information can be utilised in the best possible way in the future.

With the help of proven frameworks such as TOGAF, tried and tested methodologies and templates, we model your IT landscape and make it transparent, comprehensible and controllable.

As a result, you obtain a reliable documentation of your enterprise architecture. This can reveal hidden dependencies and uncover technology gaps. By visualising redundancies, direct cost savings can also be achieved. Your next transformation or migration projects can thus be launched much more quickly and reliably. Long-term planning (roadmap) shows the necessary steps and dependencies and helps you and your business to prioritise optimally.

In a post merger period […] we worked in virtual multi-national teams, integrating different departments, consolidating business processes, harmonizing different expectations driven by cultural diversity while DARCBLUE took the leadership on guiding us through this project. That was beyond our expectations in terms of execution and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.


— Chief Operating Officer

Modern IT landscapes are very complex, so good documentation of its architecture is essential. Based on customised documentation, you will be able to start your transformation initiatives, system migrations and projects quickly. With these "facts & figures" as a basis, your risks are minimised and you can make reliable and measurable estimates of costs and resources. 

What if you could communicate the as-is situation swiftly and accurately?

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