Enterprise Architecture Strategy

Prioritise aligning business and IT using EAM for strategic, functional and technical excellence in your digital transformation.

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The IT landscape of companies and its relation to strategic business processes and business capabilities is becoming increasingly complex and is subject to constant change. The lack of transparency regarding existing dependencies blocks the design of overarching visions and innovative future scenarios for your company.

Without aligned business and IT roadmaps, it is difficult to leverage synergies, increase efficiencies and ensure that technological investments deliver the desired business value.

This lack of business IT alignment inevitably leads to separate worlds in your company that do neither produce a common language nor a common strategy nor jointly coordinated measures.

“Are you ready to boost your business?”

Enterprise Architecture Management is your ticket to efficiency, cost savings and innovation.

We work with you to establish and optimise your enterprise architecture management using a tried-and-tested methodology. We support you with customised processes, guiding principles and templates. This enables you to make stringent strategic decisions that sustainably reduce the costs and complexity of your IT.

The resulting EA structures put you in a position to utilise coordinated developments of target images and roadmaps with the joint participation of business and IT.

Thanks to a holistic corporate vision, this enables you to introduce innovation and leverage synergies.

As partners at eye level, business and IT can significantly increase the speed of shared decisions.

Our references testify to our commitment to excellence and the impressive results we have achieved together with our clients. Find out, for example, how a leading tour operator with more than 10,000 employees prepared a comprehensive digital transformation based on our Business & IT Assessment, established strategic IT architecture principles and developed a future-oriented data strategy.

The future success of your company crucially depends on consistent business IT alignment. EAM provides a framework for deriving the strategy required for this.

DARCBLUE ensures that your EAM is developed in a target-orientated manner, gradually extended and flexibly aligned to your individual requirements.

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