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Since a strategy only develops its value through joint implementation by business and IT, we use complementary key skills that are suitable for mastering the overarching complexity: Business IT Strategy Adoption, Portfolio & Project Management, Enterprise Architecture Management and Value Driven Service Management. These key skills enable us to shape and effectively implement the digital transformation agenda and roadmap together with our clients.


Portfolio & Project Management

Explore how you can transform your IT project portfolio to not only optimise costs but also drive innovation and efficiency in your business. Our consulting services offer tailored solutions for strategic prioritisation, efficient resource management and risk-based decision-making. We support you in executing your projects with success-critical IT involvement. We bring experience from numerous projects and programmes to the table. We do this together! - DARCBLUE lends a hand! Discover how you can align your IT projects with your business objectives while securing sustainable competitive advantage:

Project Portfolio Management

Project Management

Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Architecture Management is a strategic key competence for a seamless connection between business and IT, which contributes significantly to future-proofing and business success of your company.

With optimal organisational structures (Collaborative EA) and a direct link to top management, the full effectiveness of Enterprise Architecture Management can be achieved. This enables sustainable strategic planning to be achieved in the EA domains and the entire project portfolio to be optimally supported on the path from as-is to to-be. With a jointly developed, comprehensive documentation, you create full transparency, keep the technological life cycle under control and create space for innovation.

As a result, you can plan transformation projects, save costs in operations, optimise your IT in line with your company's goals and strengthen collaboration with collaborative organisational models.

Take a closer look at our consulting services in the field of enterprise architecture management:

Enterprise Architecture Strategy 

EAM Organisation  

EAM Documentation   

Technology Lifecycle Management

Value Driven Service Management

Discover how Value Driven Service Management can take your IT processes, organisational structures and governance strategies to the next level. We will help you overcome the challenges of your IT and empower you to take control of your organisation: 

Value Driven Service Management

I have come to appreciate DARCBLUE as a reliable and competent partner over the years. These colleagues have guided the digital transformation of our company on the IT front and played a responsible part in various project roles and management functions - in (overall) project management, PMO/controlling, development management, QA management and various sub-project management roles.

An unclouded view of what is necessary and feasible, commitment and valuable advice and communication at eye level were and are the success criteria of our continued collaboration.

— Group CIO

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