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Enterprise Architecture Management is indispensable in large and successful companies. However, the underlying organisational structure of Enterprise Architecture (EA) can vary greatly - sometimes with serious consequences for the performance of the IT organisation and the overall support of business success.

For example, if enterprise architecture management is part of application management and not directly assigned to the CIO or CEO, a maximum of 50% of its potential is utilised. Unclear responsibilities, poor coordination and insufficient standardisation prevent enterprise architecture management from delivering added value.

Has your Enterprise Architecture Management developed into a governance discipline without any formative management? Or does your enterprise architect work as a lone warrior with no leverage in the operational teams?

We support you in optimally positioning your EA team within your organisational structure.

The necessary involvement of the team in key decision-making ensures that technological investments are not only effective in the short-term but are also in line with your long-term goals.

Clear definitions of EA roles and their responsibilities prevent the often observed misuse of the EA team for day-to-day operational tasks.

This allows the EA team to focus on the core tasks of the EA discipline.

By establishing committees with appropriate competencies, we create transparent decision-making structures and continuous dialogue.

This includes an EA board to involve all architecture roles in company-wide decisions as well as an EA community of practice (CoP) to improve overarching collaboration.

This facilitates long-term planning and visionary developments that strengthen the synergy between business, IT, security and your business objectives.

Our references testify to our commitment to excellence and the impressive results we have achieved together with our customers. Discover, for example, how an international steel and metal group with over 7,000 employees optimised its business model and achieved seamless integration of business and IT using targeted enterprise architecture management.

Our expertise enables your EA team to actively drive important decisions in your company. With our support, your EA team will become a guarantee for the harmonisation of technological investments with your long-term goals.

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