Analysing and Designing 1st Level Support in the Context of a Sourcing Project

  • Automotive trading group

  • Subsidiary of a global automotive manufacturer (DAX40)

  • > 10,000 employees


  • Analysing the status quo:
    • Evaluation of ITSM data and analysis of IT processes with tool support at 1st and 2nd level in accordance with ITIL best practices (incident and service request management),
    • Inspection and compliance of SLAs with regard to response and resolution times
    • Centralised IT helpdesk functions at 1st level, use of the ITSM software solution for ticket handling (service portal)
    • Evaluation with regard to communication and availability, efficient processes, service quality, work organisation
  • Assessing the status quo and sourcing recommendation
  • Organisation of the future 1st level with an external partner: 
    • Establishing key processes that make collaboration with an external service provider efficient and goal-orientated
    • Establishing service portfolio management in conjunction with a customised service catalogue
    • Establishing governance for the collaboration and management of the external service provider, defining SLAs and KPIs, monitoring service quality, costs, budgets and compliance with SLAs

Digital Impact. Delivered.

  • The customer follows our qualified recommendation for improved 1st level support in conjunction with a sourcing model.


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